Intellectual Property

Whether you are an individual or a large corporation, protecting your intellectual property rights is critical to ensuring your growth and profitability.  Safeguarding your innovative ideas, brilliant inventions and precious branding is paramount.  The lawyers at Mazzola Lindstrom appreciate how ideas are so widely, freely and instantly spread across the internet and globe in these fast moving times.  Our attorneys can help you develop a plan and strategy to protect your most valuable asset – your intellectual property.  We keep abreast of developments in the law and in many global markets.  Our experience with our varied clients’ IP needs keeps us on the cutting edge of this exciting, evolving area of practice.  We are proficient at handling transactional and litigation matters involving unfair competition, and infringements of trade secrets, copyright and trademark. We are skilled at drafting and negotiating intellectual property agreements to effectively protect our clients’ unique, original works of authorship, including copy, art and digital media.

Mazzola Lindstrom’s IP attorneys appreciate the importance of an identifiable name and mark and are skilled at minimizing damage caused by deception and consumer confusion.  We also swiftly, effectively and efficiently defend matters when our clients are wrongly accused – often times by a bigger, more established, jealous competitor with significant resources.

Our team litigates copyright infringement claims and handles prosecution and defense when IP rights are violated – we deal with problematic artwork, copies, forgeries, distributions, performances, counterfeiting, derivative works and other theft of IP. We are skilled at prosecuting and defending trademark infringement claims involving interference of the exclusive rights or use of confusing marks for similar products.

We routinely draft licensing agreements making it possible for you to control and profit from your copyrights and trademarks. We advise our clients to get in front of problems and avoid future litigation with a strongly worded contract.  Over the years, our practice has spanned various areas of international commerce ranging from the art world to science, digital media, publishing, manufacturing, consumer goods, film and post-production, software and websites.  Having confidence in your intellectual property legal team is paramount – Mazzola Lindstrom’s experience will put your mind at ease.