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Many law firms stay away from appellate work and hire other lawyers to handle appeals for them. We do not. We specialize in appellate work. We have successfully litigated cases up to the high courts of numerous states, federal circuit courts of appeal and to the United States Supreme Court. Our attorneys, who have hundreds of reported decisions to their names, are widely recognized for their accomplishments in appellate litigation.

Other law firms and litigants often bring us into a litigation, – either as their “go to” appellate team or to consult on the handling of critical appeals. Mazzola Lindstrom attorneys work with other trial counsel on matters of special consequence, helping ensure the case is postured and presented in the best possible light. Thus, our attorneys have also frequently assisted with pre-trial motions, post-trial motions to either set aside or to protect a verdict, and provided assistance during trial to assure that appellate issues are well preserved for review. Additionally, our attorneys have been called upon to either oppose or obtain stays of executions of judgment pending appeal, a highly technical area of appellate advocacy.

We regularly provide objective advice to clients and colleagues as to whether an appeal should be pursued, or whether a case should be settled in view of the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

Finally, we appear as amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) counsel in appeals for a wide variety of businesses, non-profits, individuals, or advocacy organizations. Typically, these are cases with a significant societal impact, often involving fundamental legal principles or socioeconomic issues. Crafting effective amicus briefs is a special form of advocacy in which our firm has experience.