Mazzola Lindstrom attorneys have represented clients in both federal and state appellate courts, including the United States Supreme Court and state supreme courts. Our attorneys, who have over 600 reported decisions to their names, are widely recognized for their expertise in appellate litigation. In addition to litigating appeals in cases we have handled in the trial courts, litigants and other law firms have engaged us to handle their pending appeals.

As appellate counsel, our firm provides a wide range of services, inclusive of merits-based appeals in state and federal courts. Our attorneys have successfully litigated cases up to the high courts of numerous states, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court and federal circuit courts of appeal. We have appeared as amicus curiae counsel for charitable and business entities, and have represented businesses, individuals or advocacy organizations with a special interest in a pending appeal. Because the impact of a case often involves fundamental legal principles or social or economic issues, crafting effective amicus briefs is a special form of advocacy in which our firm has extensive experience.

Our attorneys have also worked with trial counsel on matters of special consequence for a possible appeal, helping ensure the case is postured and presented as well as possible. Thus, our attorneys have often been called upon to assist with pre-trial motions, post-trial motions to either set aside or to protect a verdict, and to assist during trial to assure that appellate issues are well preserved for review.  Additionally, our attorneys have been called upon to either oppose or obtain stays executions of judgment pending appeal, a highly technical area of appellate advocacy.

Finally, our attorneys have often been called upon to provide objective advice as to whether an appeal should be pursued, or whether a case should be settled in view of the strengths and weaknesses of the case.