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Alternative Dispute Resolution

In every retention, and for every client, our singular focus is to achieve the optimal result as efficiently and economically as possible. Most lawsuits are resolved before trial, and the cost and disruption to the parties can be substantial. It is often less expensive and more effective to forego litigation in favor of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Mazzola Lindstrom attorneys are skilled in resolving disputes through ADR, such as arbitration and mediation. We do so both domestically and abroad. Through ADR, our clients can often resolve their disputes more quickly, with limited appeals and procedural obstacles, while preserving the confidentiality of their business operations and disputes.


Mazzola Lindstrom attorneys are highly skilled in arbitration. In this form of ADR, parties to a dispute engage one or more neutral arbitrators who listen to and review the facts and evidence. Parties can also select arbitrators with subject matter knowledge and expertise for the dispute and industry at issue. After a streamlined process, the arbitrator or panel renders a decision – known as an award – which is binding. The award is like a court’s ruling, but with fewer grounds for appeal and more confidentiality. Our firm has successfully obtained favorable results through arbitration in several industries. We have represented, or are now currently representing, clients in arbitration proceedings involving international trade, securities, commercial transactions, intellectual property, and fine art.


Mediation is an ADR process that brings the parties before an impartial, skilled mediator to reach a settlement of the dispute. The mediator will use relevant business experience, legal knowledge, and specialized training to facilitate productive discussions. We have achieved exceptional results for our clients through mediation. Our lawyers have successfully resolved matters for clients involving, among others, commercial and insurance disputes, labor and employment issues, real estate disputes, and fine art transactions.

International Dispute Resolution

Many of our clients conduct business occur across borders or outside the U.S. We have significant experience successfully handling complex business-to-business arbitrations and mediations in multiple forums, including the International Center for Dispute Resolution (ICDR) arm of the American Arbitration Association (ABA), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and the London Court of International Arbitration.