Art Law

Few lawyers share the love of art and appreciate the unique nuances of the international art market as ours. We are experienced at using art and cultural property laws to advocate for our clients in litigation, arbitration and media. We are deeply rooted in the art world; connected to a brilliant network of experts around the globe.

Our clients range from art and cultural institutions, foundations, private collectors, artists, galleries, insurers, appraisers, art advisors, dealers, conservators, celebrities, athletes, digital and media companies, fine art logistics companies and many other art world luminaries.

We attend the major art fairs, keep abreast of fall and spring sales and often assist our clients with a range of commissions, consignments and purchases involving all forms of art — paintings, sculptures, tapestries, mixed media, digital installations, jewelry, watches, gems, coins, stamps, antiquities and collectibles.

Our lawyers are strategic litigators, but also shepherd clients through transactions, knowing the pitfalls and crafting strong contracts to protect them from potential problems. Our team has decades of experience — we have seen it all, nothing surprises us. We know the terms to look for in consignment, loan and purchase agreements and we are skilled at performing due diligence. It is our pleasure to work collaboratively with appraisers, conservators and other lawyers around the world to protect our international clients.

Importantly, we are commercial in nature and follow our clients’ lead; we push hard to get a deal done, but not too hard to thwart the agreement. Our tough negotiation skills never get in the way of closing the right transaction. We are mindful of the need for transparency, but still respect the need for privacy; we are experienced at carefully managing the media during high profile litigation. It is a testament to our expeditious and resolution-minded strategy that there are minimal traces of the numerous high-profile matters with which we have been involved.

We have a proven track record of success and are ready to respond when negligence and damage occurs. Our experience handling fraud, authenticity, insurance coverage and damage claims is unparalleled.

Our advices reflect our intimate knowledge of the art world, legal acumen and strategy that is second to none.