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Stephen Brodsky featured on the Podcast, “Life Unlimited” discusses Fiduciary Duty Claims involving investment advisers and other financial professionals

Partner, Stephen Brodsky references a recent chapter he authored from a book he  entitled, Litigating Fidcuciary Duty Claims published by the American Bar Association.  Stephen was interviewed in March on a recent podcast appearance of “Life Unlimited” with Larry Heller,CFP from Heller Wealth Management.   The episode covers off on definitions that define the differences of Fidcuciary and Non-Fiduciary in the role between investment advisor versus broker and dealer.  To listen to the podcast in it’s entirety click here

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Summary of the full publication below:

Litigating Fiduciary Duty Claims is written to provide guidance regardless of which party (plaintiff or defendant) the lawyer represents. Topics covered include an explanation of what a fiduciary duty is and what triggers the duty; direct and derivative claims; claims involving majority shareholders, limited liability companies, partnerships, trusts and estates, the government, lenders, and financial professionals; insuring breach of fiduciary duty claims; and more.  Regardless of the details of your case, this book is a great place to start.

For more information on the entire book entitled Litigating Fiduciary Duty Claims or to order the book click here