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“Friend of Foe? The Pros and Cons of Aritificial Intelligence in the Practice of Law” by Counsel, Hanoch Sheps and Associate, Katie O’Leary

The article “Friend or Foe? The Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence in the Practice of Law” by Hanoch Sheps and Katie O’Leary delves into the complexities surrounding the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal field. It explores ethical considerations such as client confidentiality and disclosure requirements, highlights concerns about accuracy in AI-generated information, and discusses regulatory responses from organizations like the New York State Bar Association. The article also touches on billing and fee issues, the need for training in AI for lawyers, and offers perspectives from AI platforms on the risks and benefits of using AI in legal practice. Overall, it provides a nuanced examination of the opportunities and challenges posed by the integration of AI in the legal profession.  This article was published by the American Bar Association.

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